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Omg!!! What like 2 months since I blogged, someone /whap me!… Well here we go!

Dear Mama Flo,

I been dating this guy in game for about 9 months. He suddenly disappeared.  I was so worried at first, was so unlike him. Thought things like he was hurt and had no way to let me know to maybe he couldn’t pay his internet bill.

Turns out, he made an alt and been playing on it.  When I found out I was so hurt, there was no way he would do that! Without a word he made another AV and been playing on it, even had his rl picture on the new AV’s profile.  He has me on Ignore, leaving me to wonder what I do so wrong. I so tears me up that he couldn’t even say good bye to me.

mama2_assHow do I get over this?

Needs Closure

Dear Needs Closure,

That is so mean in so many levels.  People deserve a fuck off at least and shows that your ex doesn’t even have the balls to do that. Consider yourself lucky that you only wasted 9 months of your life on the ass.  I do think lot of people on SL do use people as toilet paper and when done with them just flush them down the toilet when done wiping their ass with them. It is the mentality that I don’t know them in RL so it is ok to use them and toss.  Real people behind real AV’s, with real feelings. I don’t care what people say about being just a game.  Those normally the ones that use a lot of paper and clog toilets often.

So you need to purge.  Anything that has to do with him. Return his stuff, ban him, delete anything that has his name or image. Put his ass on ignore and delete from friends so you don’t have to watch him come on line if he ever has the balls to get on old toon. All those pics of him… rl and sl delete or put in a box so he doesn’t pop up when looking for another pic you didn’t name either. Right now the pain is strong you need time to heal and having things around that remind you… will just be more knives in your heart each time reminded.  You know write a good bye letter to him for some closure. If you give it to him or not, it might be some of what is running around in your head to let loose and free you of it.

Hopes to help,


Just because you make something but it up for sale, you will not become rich.

Need to work it!

Hey Kiddies… I haven’t forgot about you! Been wearing my apron to bare threads with work, so lets get back to some advice giving 😀

Dear Mama Flo,

I have been friends with this guy for a few months now. He is a great guy I love talking to him and I have actually developed a major crush on him. He is like my best bud.  Only problem, he has a girl in SL.  They fight everyday and I listen to all the drama.  I try to help the best I can without my crush getting in the way. It is getting harder and harder to do. I want to tell him that I like him and would like to get closer in our relationship but I don’t want to loose as a friend either, I am tried also of seeing this girl treat him like shit.

mama1_taking-notesHelp me mama FLO!

Well tell him you care about him and don’t want to see him go this. Tell him you are there for him and you will support him either way Tell him in your honest opinion you think her and him should just split.  Point it out every time she is a bitch to him. And, save the conversation of your feelings for him for another time. So he doesn’t think you are undermining  his relationship for selfish purposes. So basically he won’t know that is what you are doing the whole time. Let him think it was his idea.

If he still hasn’t dumped her yet, then some time when you having a nice quiet time together let him know what you feel, and that you would like to treat him better. Might take a bit of scheming.  Having a new option might lead him out of the old thing he is used to too.

Mama Flo

Dear Mama Flo,

A former friend and I had a nasty falling out (one of many), this final one ending with her saying “don’t talk to me anymore!”  I was (and still am) only too happy to oblige.

But lately there’s been someone in our sim who reminds me a lot of this former friend.  There are just too many coincidences for me NOT to be suspicious.  I think she may be an alt, and a few of my other friends think so too.

Do I confront this new person? (I asked her early on when we met if she was an alt and she said “no”)  Do I just take her at face value?  How can I be sure she’s not trying to make some kind of trap and wanting to hurt me yet again?

Thanks for reading, keep up the good work.

–Twice Shy


Dear Twice Shy

You know there is people in Second Life that just don’t have a real life and need to cause a little drama to make themselves feel better. The person you met very well might be who you think they are or just remind them of them.  Thinks the best advice I could give is, trust your gut. You get “bad vibes” from them, stay away. If it is them or not.

There is many out there we just get a bad feeling about, and effect you in a certain way cause your gut tells you something is wrong.  To save you headaches just don’t deal with them. Can be polite and smile and say hello but don’t let it get pass that.  They IM you, just tell them sorry you are real busy right now.  If it is them, they will get bored with the head games and give up and if it isn’t might of saved yourself some future drama. Just leave trash where it belongs… at the curb.

Mama Flo

this comes from a good friend and needs to be shared!

[19:13]  Molly Fitzgerald: well, just remember the old saying: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Dear Mama Flo,

My guy has this habit of typing “!!!” at the end of every sentence, can be about anything and it is always !!! I can’t take it anymore!!! I don’t want to hurt his feelings and I have hinted at it a few times to stop.  I love him but the !!! is like nails on a chaulk board to me now. How do I get him to stop without ruining our relationship?


mama1_turkeyDear !!!

Yeah I could see where that would get totally annoying. “Lets go to that new store!!!” ” You take the pink ball!!!” would be like shouting all the time. Who wants yelled at all the time.  But with men, hints don’t work.  You need to ask him why he does it and tell him after how you feel about it. It is probilly some habit he picked up in some other game or chat program and he thought it was cute.  Someone might even told him that and lied, you know how girls do that to get a guy, oh honey it so big kind of thing and you are left cleaning up the mess from someone else.

If he doesn’t stop after you told out flat how  you feel about it, you might have to train him with some reinforcement. Like every time he types !!! just reply with !!!.  When he asks what your doing after couple times explain that every time he does it that is his reply.  Will be like teaching an old dog by pounding it into his head with an old bone.

Mama Flo

When checking a mail box in Second Life, Make sure you are not in busy mode! Or you will loose your note cards you are trying to get. Poof!


P.S. Yes, done this 3 times in the last 2 weeks!

In from the Ask Mama Flo’s Headquarters

I get so bored on sl, I’ve done literally everything possible, gone to space, got high, swam with the sharks, been eaten by the sharks, gone to a car wash, applied for random jobs, drove on racetracks, skied, mama2_rulesskydived, you name it, what should I do to keep from being bored?

-Ashido \m/

You know, you need a project.  Something work on when you are not in the mood to explore all the time. Try taking some building classes or like me just make a box and push all the buttons.  Many get bored with SL if they don’t work on.  Find a sand box and try your skills.  It is possible to build anything thing you want in SL. Just need to open your imagination. If you get good enough you might actually want to sale your creations and make some LS.

Or the other route find a newbie and show them all your favorite places you have found.  Helping others can be fun.  Might even find some cuddle balls along the way /wink.

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